Recommended reading on the subject of prostate cancer by publication dates are presented below.  Some of these books are available at the Prostate Forum of Orange County’s Lending Library.  Please note these books are recommended reading and are not formally endorsed by our Board of Directors.  Also, refer to Resources for more information. 

Offering help and hope to men by providing prostate health information
Ralph Blum and Mark Scholz, M.D.

No more unnecessary biopsies, radical treatments or loss of sexual potency. (Hardcover -September 2010)

ISBN 978-159051342 -2. 

Available at Amazon.   

Also, available from the Prostate Forum lending library.  

A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient Guide
by Stephen B. Strum, M.D. and Donna L. Pogliano

(2nd Edition, 2005 - Paperback) Available at Amazon

Prostate and Cancer: A Family Guide To Diagnosis, Treatment And Survival
Sheldon Marks, M.D. 
A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer 
Dr. Aubrey Pilgrim and Dr. E. David Crawford

Paperback - 2002) Net proceeds from this book go to support PAACT (Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatment.) Available at Amazon

His Prostate and Me: A Couple Deals with Prostate Cancer
Desiree Lyon Howe 
Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer
Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., Janet Farrar Worthington
 Prostate Cancer : A Non-Surgical Perspective 
Kent Wallner, M.D.

(Paperback - August 2000) Other Editions: Paperback (Large Print) Available at Amazon

 Seeds of Hope : A Physician's Personal Triumph over Prostate Cancer 
Michael A. Dorso, M.D. 

(Hardcover - August 2000) Available at Amazon Books

Health Smart Ephiphany
Dr. Jacques Souadjian

Our long-time good friend and lecturer, Dr. Jacques Souadjian's published book "Health Smart Ephiphany" (447 pages) is available from Amazon Books

Earlier Publications


Prostate & Cancer: A Family Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment & Survival by Sheldon Marks, M.D.; Foreword by Judd Moul, M.D. (Paperback - December 15, 1999)


The ABC's of Nutrition & Supplements for Prostate Cancer by Mark A. Moyad, M.P.H. List Price: Used & new - from $8.48


The ABC's of Prostate Cancer: The Book That Could Save Your Life by Joseph E. Oesterling, M.D. and Mark A. Moyad, M.P.H. (Paperback - June 1997) 


Eating Your Way to Better Health-The Prostate Forum Nutrition Guide by Charles E. (Snuffy) Myers, Jr., M.D. Sara Sgarlat Steck, R.T. and Rose Sgarlat Myers, PT., Ph.D. 


Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book, completely revised and updated by Peter T. Scardino, M.D.,

Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Judith Kelman. (Available from the Prostate Forum lending library.)


Testosterone for Life by Abraham Morgenthaler, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School. Published by McGraw Hill. Paperback, 196 pages, pages 115 - 174 deal with Testosterone and PCa in great detail.