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Financial Assistance

Offering help and hope to men by providing prostate health information

It is a well-known fact that cancer diagnosis can not only be devastating physically and emotionally, but also  financially. Many prostate cancer patients are not aware of the financial resources available to them.


There are several places that will provide aid in helping pay for some of these very, very expensive new drugs:

PAN (Patient Advocate Network)—They get funds donated to them from various foundations. It is hit or miss as they will sometimes (often) run out of money. But they are always soliciting for more funds. You can contact them at 866-316-7263 or at and click on “apply”.

FundFinder ( FundFinder is a new web-based app that notifies its users when a disease fund opens at any charitable foundation. This program was developed by the PAN network.

Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Program—J & J is the parent company of the company that makes Zytiga. You can contact them at 800-652-6227. Or go online at and click on the “How to Apply” tab and then click on the “Patient assistance Application Form” Fill the form out and follow the directions to get assistance.

Janssen Biotech—They are a subsidiary of J & J and the actual manufacturer of Zytiga. They may also offer some assistance and you can call them at 877-227-3728 or 855-998-442 EXT 1812.

Xtandi Support Solutions—Offers access and reimbursement support to help patients overcome the challenges accessing Xtandi. Contact them at 855-898-2634 or at

Astella Pharma Support Solutions—Offers access and reimbursement support to help patients and their health care providers overcome challenges to accessing Astella products such as Xtandi. Contact them at 855-898-2634 or at

PAF (Patient Advocate Foundation) is a national non-profit charity that provides direct services to patients. Contact them at,  or at 800-532-5274 and 866-227-3728.

Co-Pay Relief is a subsidiary of PAF and you can contact them at,, at 866-512-0119, 866-512-3861, and 757-952-0118.

American Cancer Society (ACS)—They have offices spread around Orange County as well as the Inland Empire and LA. You can also go online at and click on “Apply for a Grant”.

Dendreon—This company makes Provenge, one of the newest immunotherapy advanced prostate cancer drugs. If you do not have Medicare (which pays for this), financial assistance may be obtained by calling 877-336-3736.

AstraZeneca Access 360—This company provides access and support for patients taking Lynparza. Contact them at 844-275-2360 or at

AZ ME—AstraZeneca Prescription Drug Program will also help in paying for Lynparza. Contact them at 800-292-6363 or at

Prescription Hope—This company offers access to over 1,500 brand-name medications through patient assistance programs. All you pay is a set service fee of $50.00 for each medication per month. This includes 100% of the medication cost, no matter the retail price. Contact them at 877-296-4673 or at


Some Others:

Zero 360 at 844-244-1309 or

Cancer Care at 800-813-4673 or at

GoodDays (CDF) at 877-968-7233 or

State Health Insurance Assistance Program at 800-434-0222.

Low Income Subsidy Program at 800-772-1213. and follow the links.


                                                                                                            Updated 09/10/2019

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