Online Support Meetings 

You are not alone. Talk with us.
We are living with prostate cancer. We know what you are going through. In our monthly online meetings, we offer help, hope, and perspective to men with prostate cancer, their families, and friends.
Newly Diagnosed Class
2nd Tuesday of the month, 
5pm - 7pm Pacific Time

You've just received a diagnosis? You are anxious? Confused? Scared? In the Newly Diagnosed class, Ira Kaget and Dr. Charles Metzger, men with long years of practical experience with prostate cancer, talk directly with you about your specific diagnosis and options, so that you become empowered to be an informed advocate for your own treatment.

Although each prostate cancer diagnosis is different, you will hear similar recommendations of second opinions, use of imaging, and local centers of excellence. 

To get the most from the forum, we recommend (but certainly don't require) that you come with as much detail as possible about your situation - your PSA history, your Gleason score, any image reports, etc.


Our Presentations Library includes some excellent introductory material. 

Advanced/Recurrent Sharing
4th Tuesday of the month

5pm - 7pm Pacific Time

This forum is intended mainly for talking about advanced prostate cancer, cancer that is recurring, resistant, or that has spread outside the prostate.

Although the conversation deals mainly with advanced stages, many people at all stages of the disease find it instructive and reassuring to hear about the impressive advances in management and treatment being made all the time.

The Advanced Prostate Cancer channel in our Presentations library includes a wide range of informative material.

Each meeting begins at 5 pm and generally continues for about two hours, but the meetings are informal: you may join at any time. We listen, advise, and share, but we do not offer medical advice: that is the role of your personal medical team.

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These meetings help each of us become more educated about our disease and so we become better able to exert greater control over it. But the meetings are more than that. You will find that others do care, and the meetings are an opportunity to help deal with your anxiety, your fear, your pain, while becoming better informed medically.

In a Safe Place

In a safe, caring place, we all have an opportunity to openly share our experiences, our concerns, ideas and questions. The Prostate Forum of Orange County neither supports nor endorses the positions or opinions of individual attendees, and of course personal attacks or disparaging personal remarks are not tolerated. What we do offer an open forum where, within limits, various viewpoints are presented. You can speak freely.


We are all volunteers, helping one another. You can help too.

  • Volunteer: we can always use help running the Forum - organizing, writing, notifying, maintaining the site, editing videos, reaching other men. Let us know if you can contribute your expertise, talents, energy or time.

  • Donate: No one is paid but we still have expenses, for memberships, for services, for mailings, and so on. Your contribution, online or by mail, is needed and welcome.

  • Share: Join us in meetings, tell us how you are doing, what's working for you; let us know if you have found some new or interesting resource, something that will help our understanding and treatment of prostate cancer. Subscribe.

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