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Offering help and hope to men by providing prostate health information

If you would like to know more about our support network, meetings and classes, we invite you to join us. By becoming a member, we will notify you of schedule speaker’s appearance, events and other relevant information.  Our meetings and support groups are free.

In a safe, caring place, we'll all have an opportunity to share our experiences, our concerns, ideas and questions. Attendees go home at the end of evening feeling better, more knowledgeable and hopeful for the future. It is an experience that only we, as a group of caring, interested prostate cancer survivors, can provide. It always offers hope and bonding with others in a similar condition.

Newly diagnosed and prostate cancer survivors, who attend meetings, often with their loved ones, find a supportive and informative environment. 

We do have need for volunteers for the work of the support group. We encourage you to contribute your expertise, talents, energy or time.


Submit the form below to be notified of our upcoming programs. We use Constant Contact as our broadcast email service provider.

Existing subscribers: Please notify us if you have changed your e-mail address. Send both new and old addresses to 

Thank you!

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