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City of Hope Offers Advanced Radiation Oncology Technology

The City of Hope Orange County Lenar Foundation Cancer Center located in Irvine is now home to some of the most advanced radiation oncology technology available anywhere. The center is the only cancer center in the region offering targeted, transparent perineal prostate biopsies. These biopsies, combined with sophisticated MRI technology, enhance the accuracy of detecting abnormalities in the prostate.

We are honored that so many of the prostate cancer experts and researchers at City of Hope have presented - and continue to present - to us at the PFOC: Corey Hugen, MD, MS ( Urology and Urologic Oncology); Percy Lee, MD (Radiation Oncologist); Sandy Lui, MD (Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research); Jeffrey S Yoshida, MD (Surgery — Urology and Urologic Oncology).



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