Our Meetings

Offering help and hope to men by providing prostate health information

We offer several different types of meetings. Click on an option below for more specific information about each.

Sharing Our Experiences, Ideas and Results ....in a SAFE PLACE.

The Prostate Forum of Orange County is one of largest, independent, and growing Prostate Cancer support groups. Our mission is to offer help and hope to men by providing prostate health information.  The Forum hosts monthly meetings in an OPEN forum.  

Support groups such as ours provide a forum for exchange of information and sharing experiences. The group helps each of us become more educated and therefore able to exert greater control over the disease. You will find that others do care and the meetings are an opportunity to better deal with fear or pain as well as becoming better informed medically. We don’t offer medical advice, for that is the role of your personal physician.

At the Prostate Forum of Orange we neither support nor endorse our speakers or individual attendees’ positions or opinions. What we do offer is an OPEN forum where, within limits, various viewpoints by prostate cancer experts are presented. 

The presenters are encouraged to bring information, data and opinions to share with our attendees. Note that the views expressed are neither recommended nor endorsed by the Prostate Forum as a whole or by an individual member.


Personal attacks or disparaging personal remarks are not permitted.

As always, there have been concerted requests to gather in small groups as in our earlier days of bonding, camaraderie and emotional support from others with our disease. We encourage participants to consider the following:

•    What have you learned? 

•    How have you fared with your decisions? 

•    What, if anything would you do differently? 

•    What news have you heard, etc.? 

In a safe, caring place, we'll all have an opportunity to share our experiences, our concerns, ideas and questions. Attendees go home at the end of evening feeling better, more knowledgeable and hopeful for the future. It is an experience that only we, as a group of caring, interested prostate cancer survivors, can provide. It always offers hope and bonding with others in a similar condition.

Our members are always seeking new and interesting resources to aid our understanding and treatment of prostate cancer. If you’ve read or found something you’d like to share, please make copies and bring them to the meetings.

The Prostate Forum of Orange County is a member of the Us TOO Foundation. Us TOO was founded in 1990 by individuals affected by prostate cancer. Us TOO serves as a resource of volunteers with peer-to-peer support and educational materials to help men and their families/caregivers make informed decisions about prostate cancer detection, treatment options and related side effects. 


We maintain an extensive Video and Books Library, free for borrowing with a $10 refundable deposit. Almost all of our expert presentations of major Prostate Cancer Conferences and special events are available on CDs/DVDs. 


We encourage you to visit our resource table at the rear of the meeting room.

We Need Volunteers!

We do have need for volunteers for the work of the support group. We encourage you to contribute your expertise, talents, energy or time.