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At The Meeting
Sharing and Learning

The goal of each support group is to provide one another with practical guidance and information about prostate cancer in addition to emotional, psychological, and social support .

You talk. We listen. We share.

If you'd like to talk, use Raise Hand in Zoom.

When the moderator calls on you, take a few minutes to tell us about yourself and your diagnosis.​

  • Start with your name, your age. and where you're located. 

  • Then take a few minutes to talk about your diagnosis: when and how you found out, where you are getting treatment, what your doctors told you about your illness, what you know so far, what you’ve done to date, and, if you like, how you’re feeling and getting along at this point.

  • The moderators will respond, perhaps asking you a few questions (what's your PSA? have you had a biopsy? do you know your Gleason score?) and offer comments and insights from their own experience.


For details and recommendations for preparing for your initial visit, see How It Works on the Newly Diagnosed page  (

Remember: We do not give medical advice. We share information from our own experiences and information we have learned.

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